When I heard the news about my district’s commissioner seat becoming available, I immediately knew I had to run.  I’m a natural leader and have always had an instinctive passion for problem solving and helping others.  Being county commissioner would allow me to do that on a bigger scale.

I’ve lived in Cherokee county for over 25 years.  Throughout that time there has been a tremendous amount of growth.  I’ve seen dirt roads turned into highways, forests transformed into subdivisions, and a county that went from being just another dot on a map to one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country!  I grew up here, married my high school sweetheart here, and now we’re raising a son here.  Just like any parent I want the best for my son and for him to be able to enjoy the same great quality of life that this county has offered me.  As commissioner, I will work to ensure that not only for my family, but YOURS as well.  

Cherokee county is extremely diverse and unique, so with that comes many differing opinions.  It’s important that we have an official who not only recognizes this but has an objective and open mind on all issues presented and I firmly believe that person is me.  I’m not here with a personal agenda, I’m running to be an honest, genuine and fair voice for the people of Cherokee county.  I want to prove to the voters that I am someone you can trust without a doubt.  The best way to do that is to get out and engage with the community.  My family and I are very active in and around the county.  I’m league director at Hobgood park as well as a volunteer head coach.  I volunteer for events at Sixes Elementary, have been part of the committee that organizes a charity golf tournament that benefits the ‘Free to Breathe’ foundation for lung cancer research, support several non profits such as ‘Camp Twin Lakes’ and local charity ‘Never Alone’     

We’re growing rapidly in this county, which can be both exciting and concerning.  One of my focuses will be to take a common-sense approach to make sure any future development doesn’t negatively affect property values or put unnecessary and excess strain on our infrastructure all while echoing the wants and needs of the community.  By being responsible with that growth and create a business-friendly environment, there will be even more opportunity for employment.

Community awareness is a big deal to me.  Often there are things voted on and people not knowing about it even though commission meetings have always had an open door policy.  Getting the word out about items on the agenda more efficiently and working to improve public involvement will be another main focus of mine.  There are several untapped avenues I can take to accomplish that. Connecting and communicating is one of my strongest attributes.  After all, the commissioner is there to be a voice for you and act in the best interest of the public.

As commissioner I will offer continued support to all of our public safety departments and work to make sure they have every resource that they need. 

I’m committed to being extremely diligent when reviewing the proposed county budget and any county contracts.  I will fight to keep our sales and property taxes low.  The last thing I’d ever want to do is raise taxes.   I feel that this is something I’m called to do, and something I will be great at doing.  I’ve always tried to live my life by putting others before myself.  The voters of district 3 can rest assured that I will continue that mentality while serving as commissioner.  People have a choice, so I’m asking for your faith in me as the right one.